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Corvid-19 Closure

After careful consideration about the safety of our customers and our staff we have decided that effective immediately, Exitus escape rooms, will be closed until at least April 1st.

We will be contacting everyone with a booking in the next 2 weeks to make arrangements. We will continue to communicate with everyone through this web site and through social media when a re open date becomes available. Thank you for all your support and prayers.


Exitus Escape Rooms is excited to announce that we are now participants in the Access2 program! We our committed to making our escape rooms accessible to as many people as possible and are excited to be offering this new service.

We are proud to be the Diamond Winners of the Guelph Mercury Tribune Reader's Choice Awards! Thank you for your votes and support.

We are proud to be the Gold Winners of The Record's Reader's Choice Awards. Thank you for your votes and support.

About Escape Rooms

Minutes        Seconds
Minutes        Seconds
Minutes        Seconds
Minutes        Seconds
Minutes        Seconds
Minutes        Seconds

Escape rooms are designed to be challenging and thought-prevoking. They develop leadership skills and encourage teamwork.


Your team will need to work together to solve a variety of puzzles, break some codes and/or locate a few items - all in the correct order - in order to "escape" the room.


By the way - you only have 60 minutes to do so.

While in a room, whether your brain is predominantly thinking logically or you are relying more on visual clues, each of our 3 rooms will sometimes require "out of the box" thinking.


But, the saying "one thing leads to another" does not necessarily apply in all situations.*


* We reserve the right to be devious.


Open 1 pm - 9 pm Tuesday-Saturday.
          1 pm  - 6 pm Sunday 
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Alice is based on what is considered to be a traditional escape room. 

Basically, linear - "one thing may lead to another".

As you navigate your way through the room, each clue you solve, code you break and/or lock you open, will lead you to the next.

You will have to work as a team, to systematically escape our Alice room.

The Log Cabin is a little more tactile than our other rooms. You will need to use your hands a little more and work as a team to escape. If your up to it, you can even choose the scary option and get your heart racing. Screaming is allowed.

Our Escape Rooms

Easy Online Booking

Alice - A fun, family friendly place to start, if you're new to Escape Rooms

Wizard's Initiation  - Good for Everyone- Just select the level for you

The Log Cabin - (Scary Option Available)

We Are Here

Wizard's Initiation is a great room to challenge all! No previous knowledge needed just the desire to have fun and perform a little magic as you make your way through the train. Your goal is try and retrieve your missing text books hidden somewhere on the train by the older students. 

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Minutes        Seconds
Minutes        Seconds
Centrally located in downtown Guelph at
120 Fountain St., E, (at Neeve) we are easily accessible by bus, car and even GO.
Arriving by bus or train? Look for the Chamber of Commerce sign on the other side of the tracks, then use the tunnel behind the train station, to find us. We are around the back. Driving? There is designated onsite parking and 2 hr. free street parking on Fountain.
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We Are Social

Ranger Station - For those looking for a challenge

Minutes        Seconds

We Are Affordable

Closed as we open our second location

Ranger Station is a story line style game that requires good organisational skills. You will need your decoding skills for this one. Recommend for ages 14 and up

Minutes        Seconds


Single Room Pricing
3-4 Brains - $25.00/ea
5-6 Brains - $23.00/ea
7-8 Brains - $21.00/ea
                   + HST
The more 'brains' you bring, the less it will cost to be amazed, exhilarated and occasionally perplexed.
Let us know how many 'brains' are on your team, when you are booking your time slot and the price will be adjusted at the checkout.
Flat Rate Wednesday Night Student Special (6-9pm)
Fill Any Room For $100plus tax
Promotion code "student"
For larger groups, see our pricing page for bookings of 10-32 people.
If you want to add "brains" to your booking, they can pay with debit, credit or cash in store, when they arrive.

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