Puzzle Contest


Have you ever wanted to help create an Escape Room? 

Exitus Escape Rooms is expanding and we need your help! 

Our new location has space for 3 more rooms, for a total of 6 rooms at this new location! 

We will provide you with the themes, you will help create the puzzles. 


Best puzzle gets $250! Cash!



  • Entry costs $5 per submission*

  • You may submit multiple puzzles

  • You may work alone or in teams

  • You may use any un-copyrighted printables or pre-existing game pieces to create your puzzle

  • Your puzzle must be original. This means that you may not directly copy from any local escape rooms or online puzzles

  • You must own the rights to any artwork included in your submission (whether you create it, commission it, license it), unless it is in the public domain

  • Submissions must include typed instructions for solving puzzle

  • IMPORTANT: All entries must be delivered to Exitus Escape Rooms at 340 Woodlawn unit 18 (corner of the Hanlon and Woodlawn) on Thursday, May 8th or Friday, May 9 between 4 - 9 PM

  • Contestants must be available on Saturday, May 10th for the public voting round (teams may choose to only send one member to represent them)



Exitus Escape rooms retains all the rights to ALL puzzles during and after the contest (regardless of outcome). 

We reserve the right to use all or part of ANY puzzle submitted in any and all future rooms.

  • Exitus escape rooms will provide locks or some props as are available. Contact us at info@exituser.com for availability.



Al Capone: You are in a speakeasy bar and need to get into the private poker game. Win or lose everything...


Welcome to the Jungle: You have found yourself transported into the jungle beside some ancient ruins. You must solve the clues to find your way home)


Coma: You are a neurologist (coma specialist) in 2045. You have discovered a new treatment for coma patients to help with recovery. You must enter the patient's mind, activate their memories and turn on their motor skills but you have only one hour or be lost in their mind forever!


Saw: This room will have 2 storylines. There will be one where you are a victim trapped in an abandoned hideout. In the second version, you are the detective trying to unravel what happened at a killer's abandoned hideout.



There will be two rounds of judging.

The first round will be decided by community vote to determine the finalists. Saturday, May 10th from 12 - 4pm

The finalists will then be judged by a group of Exitus staff members on Saturday, May 10th from 6 -7pm. 

The winners will be announced immediately following judging at 7pm



  • 1st place will receive $250 Cash!

  • 2nd place will receive $100 Cash!

  • 3rd place will receive $75 Cash!

  • Free room for up to 8 people for any puzzle used in a future room!

120 Fountain St., E.  Suite #118  Guelph, ON  519-827-1190