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Just for Fun!

Options for Large Groups


Two Room Duel

A 2-room duel is a group of 10 -24 people divided into 2 teams and each team plays a half-hour version of a room and then they return to the lobby while we reset the rooms. Each team would then switch rooms and play the other room. We keep track of how far each group gets in each game and deduct the number of hints used to get there so we can declare a winner. of the game. A fun competition where teams can apply some strategies to win.

This takes approximately 1 1/2 - 2 hours to play.

Three Room Duel

A 3-room duel is similar to a 2-room where the teams rotate through mni half-hour games but uses 3 rooms. This version can accommodate up to 32 players and will take approximately 4 hours to play.



Exitus has 2 party rooms that can be added to any booking. The smaller party room accommodates 10 people and can be booked online for a cost of $25 per hour. You bring decorations and food. Simply choose the time closest to the end of your game and we will adjust the time to accommodate the full hour.

We also have a party room that can hold up to 40 people for a cost of $50. per hour but must be booked through us directly via email or phone call.

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