Each player must sign our internal waiver, which will be presented during orientation, in order to be granted entry to any of our rooms.


A brief synopsis follows:


Thou shalt not:


1. Use any electronic devices including cell phones, video and/or voice recorder, cameras or any other device that may be used to record or communicate to others, anything about the activities, layouts and/or designs of any of our rooms.


2. Remove or damage any props, fixtures, equipment and/or items belonging to Exitus Escape Rooms Inc.


3. Put at risk, either physically or mentally, any of the other participants in the room,  staff or any person or persons involved in the operations of Exitus Escape Rooms Inc.


Thou shall:


1. Provide proof of age, if required by Exitus Escape Rooms Inc. staff.


2. Disclose any physical limitations that may put Exitus Escape Rooms Inc. or participants at risk.


3. Be liable for any damage caused by him/herself, while on the Exitus Escape Rooms Inc. premises.


4. Agree that his/her participation is voluntary and they will abide by the rules & regulations set out in the waiver, which must be signed, in order to participate.


5. Have Fun.







120 Fountain St., E.  Suite #118  Guelph, ON  519-827-1190