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Remote Play Escape Rooms!

     Remote play escape rooms are a way to experience our award-winning rooms from the comfort of your home. We have recreated the magic by utilizing 360° imaging and Zoom to allow your group to navigate the space with the help of our on-site actor. Explore sets, solve puzzles, and get clues all while racing the clock. It's the games you love from the comfort of your couch.

How do you play a remote escape room?

     You will play using a 360° image that you control, a Zoom meeting, and an in-room actor. This allows you to explore the room while giving directions to your actor. You navigate the image by clicking and dragging. Your actor can examine items closer, open locks, and provide hints. Please, remember to use your actor's name when directing them to avoid confusion. You may ask your actor for a hint at any time. There is no limit or penalty for hints.


     When navigating the 360° image, you will notice two different icons. These are clickable. One will give you a close-up image of clues and puzzles. The other is password protected. The passwords will be revealed to you as you play the game and solve the puzzles. Once you have discovered the correct password, you will get access to new clues and puzzles.

How many people can play?

    You are able to connect up to 4 devices to the Zoom call to play. There are no limits as to how many people can be sharing a single device. There is a flat rate of $70 plus tax, regardless of how many people play.

Do we all need to be in the same place?

     No, you can include people from all over the world. The only limit is there can be no more than 4 devices per game. All room times will be scheduled based on Guelph local time (EDT).

What rooms can we play?

Currently, Alice and The Log Cabin are available. We are rapidly working to offer virtual options for our other rooms as well. Keep an eye out for future updates on our social media regarding our other rooms.

What do we need to play a virtual room?

     You will need a device with a camera and microphone that can run Zoom. Zoom can be downloaded for free on their website by clicking the button below, or on your device's app store.

Zoom Tips

  • Download Zoom prior to your booking. This reduces delays and keeps everyone on time.

  • If multiple people from the same home are using Zoom, we recommend having one person mute their mic. This prevents echoing and feedback.

  • If your internet is slow or connecting lagging, we recommend turning off your video. We will still be able to hear you and it should reduce any lag.

  • Arrive 5+min early to the call. This allows us to help you with any technical difficulties.

  • Use a device that allows you to look at the 360° image and Zoom at the same time (e.g. a laptop or desktop computer). If this is not possible we recommend using two devices. (This is not essential but does streamline the playing process).

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