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Christmas Treats

Large Groups

Exitus Escape Rooms is experienced in hosting parties, large groups of 15+, and team-building events!

Birthday Parties, Corporate Groups, Holiday parties and more!

Party Room Available!

For more info:

Colorful Birthday Party
Team work

Duel fun for Groups of 10+

2 or 3 Room duel options are available for larger groups. A duel is breaking into 2 or more teams and then playing a half-hour version of a game, our staff resets the rooms then the teams switch and play the other room. We tally a score at the end and declare a winner. Great fun with a nice sense of competition.

Team Building

Great for corporate and sports teams.

Includes a meeting space, light refreshments, and in-house facilitation.

Virtual Reality

340 Woodlawn Rd. W.

Guelph, ON, Canada 

N1H 3N4

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