Is there a minimum age to participate?

 Yes, we do not recommend this for children under 10 years old and we do require children under the age of 12, to be accompanied by at least one adult upon arrival, to sign our standard waiver.


Do the rooms have any scary elements or require any physical effort?

No, unless you have chosen a room that states scary option. Our rooms mainly require you to use your brain, but may require some light lifting, twisting, reaching and/or kneeling, in order to be successful.


How long will it take?

Each room is booked exclusively for your team for 75 minutes. Orientation will start at the time you have booked and you will enter the room 15 minutes later. So "we" don't require you to show up 15 minutes early.


How many "brains" can each room accommodate?

 Each room can accommodate between 2 - 8 'brains', but is best suited for 5-6. 


How do I book a room?

Our easy online booking calendar will take you through the process. You do not need a PayPal account to reserve your time slot, as they have a guest option. You may book for the minimum number of people then arrive with the maximum and we will simply settle the difference when you arrive.


Can I personalize a gift voucher?

Yes, the last step at checkout, will give you the option of choosing a picture and a message.


Where should I park?

There are designated parking spots on site and plenty of 2 hr. free street parking on Fountain St.


What type of attire should I wear?

We recommend casual comfy attire. High heels are not recommended. We have slippers for you to wear, especially in winter or on rainy days. But feel free to bring your own shoes, socks or slippers.


Can I take personal items into the room?

No, we will require you to leave things such as cell phones, purses and backpacks in our secure reception area. Items will be locked in a cabinet and you will take the key into the room with you. Of course, exceptions can be made in certain cases.


Is big brother watching?

Yes, for security, insurance and safety reasons, all of our rooms, hallways and lobby/reception areas are monitored by cameras.


Can we get hints if we get stuck on a crucial step in the process?

Yes, every team can get hints during the 60 minutes, as we feel this will give everyone a better chance to escape. But each one will be noted on your escape time.


Is everything in the room part of the challenge?

No, items such as fire extinguishers, sprinklers, duct work and some fixtures/furniture may not be touched. These items will be clearly marked with red dots and will be discussed during orientation.


Do we accept walk-ins?

Yes-ish, we can accommodate walk-ins, with onsite payment capabilities, but prefer not to do so. As we are handling 3 rooms at any given time, we may not be able to give you our full attention. If you know you're going to be in the neighbourhood, you can always check our booking calendar online or on mobile.


Can we refuse participants entry to the rooms?

Yes, for safety and insurance purposes, if we feel that a particpant is deemed to be intoxicated, we have the right to refuse any person/s from entering our premises and/or rooms and no refund will be given.



Do we allow pets?

No, for health, insurance and liability reasons, we can not accommodate pets. Service animals accepted.


Are we wheelchair accessible?

Yes, we are fully AODA compliant. - Please, let us know 1 hr. prior to arrival.  519-827-1190



Yes,  we do require a waiver to be signed to participate in our games.

Below is a PDF copy for minors who will not have their parents attending with them, for everyone else a waiver is provided on location.


Can we add more people after we've booked?

Yes! You may either call ahead of time or tell us when you arrive for your booking. How many people you may add  depends on the room, with most rooms having a limit of 8 participants.


If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at: or 519-827-1190

120 Fountain St., E.  Suite #118  Guelph, ON  519-827-1190