Frequently Asked Questions

Will I actually be locked inside of a room?

No, local fire code means the entrance door to each room is built without a lock.

Will I be in a room with people I don’t know?

No, all of our rooms are private bookings.

Are all rooms suitable for children?

Our rooms are good for children ages 10+. For our younger puzzlers we recommend having at least one adult in the room to keep them focused.

Are the rooms scary?

At this time none of our rooms are scary. Check back for future horror rooms.

Are your rooms accessible?

Yes, all of our rooms are AODA compliant. If you have concerns, please contact us and we will work with you to address these.

Do you take walk-ins?

We do not take walk-ins at this time. This policy may change post-pandemic.

How many 'brains' can each room accommodate?

Our rooms accommodate between 2-8 'brains', but are best suited for 5-6.

Can I take personal items into the room?

No, we will be locking up any bags or purses before you enter the room. This includes any cellphones or recording devices.

Am I on camera?

Yes, we use cameras to monitor all of our rooms.

Can we add more 'brains'?

Yes! You may either call ahead of time or tell us when you arrive.

What if we get stuck?

Before starting each room we will explain how to use our intercom system. This can be used to ask for hints and to communicate with staff.

Will I have to sign a waiver?

Yes, we do require a waiver to be signed before participating in our games. 

If you are bringing minors and are not their parent/guardian there is a waiver below for their parents to sign that the minor can bring with them.

What about your safety procedures?

Exitus has implemented new procedures to keep guests and staff safe. Details about these procedures can be found by clicking here.

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