Expanded Cleaning

Staff is thoroughly cleaning all rooms and waiting spaces between groups. This includes locks, props, door handles, pens etc.

Sanitizing Spray Bottles
We need you to...
Sign the waiver before you arrive.

Print the liability waiver from our website and fill it out before you arrive.


Upon arrival, come in the first door and wait for a staff member to invite you into the lobby. 

Maintain Physical Distance

Maintain a distance of 2m (6ft) from staff members and guests.

We will provide...

We encourage guests to bring their own masks. Mask will be provided to anyone that needs one. While in code Red they must be worn at all times while in the rooms.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is located by the entrance and throughout the building.

Clean Rooms

Staff are cleaning rooms and waiting areas between all groups. Where possible high touch props are switched out between rooms.