Fountain St. Location

Woodlawn Location


Closing extended to  December 20th

A traditional, linear game

Set in Wonderland, Alice is a traditional, linear escape room. 
As you navigate your way through the room, each clue you solve, code you break and lock you open, will lead you to the next puzzle.

Can you escape before you're found by the Queen of Hearts?


Log Cabin

Closing extended to December 20th

A room with tactile puzzles and a non-linear design

The Log Cabin is more tactile than our other rooms. You will need to use your hands to move things around and work as a team to escape. If you're up to it, you can even choose the scary option (16+) and get your heart racing. Screaming is optional.


Wizard's Initiation

A fantasy story full of magic and wonder.

Wizards' Initiation is a great room to challenge all! No previous knowledge needed, just the desire to have fun and perform magic. Third-year students have stolen your school supplies. Will you get them back before your train reaches its destination?

Lucy's Room

You have return to your grandmother's childhood home to try and discover

if her stories of a magical land are really true!

 Choose from beginner, regular or advance difficulties.

Ranger Station

You need to find the clues left behind by your Aunt Ellen, to fulfill her last request.

Get the evidence she has gathered  on an international jewel thief to the proper authorities.

Choose from: beginner, regular or advance difficulties


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