Exitus Difficulty Ratings

let us adapt the rooms to help every groupyo find the right mix of fun and frustration.

When selecting a difficulty level consider the age range of your group, number of players,

and amount of experience with escape rooms.


Youth:  Designed for players age 10-16. Clues are simplified and puzzles are adjusted to be enjoyable for

but still challenging, for younger players.


Beginner: Designed for small groups, and/or new players (anyone who has played less than 5 escape rooms).

Puzzles are adjusted to clarify connections between clues, reducing the learn curve for understanding how escape rooms work.


Regular/Experienced: Designed for experienced groups ( played at least 3 escape rooms).

Advanced: Designed for enthusiasts ( played at least 10 escape rooms). Hints are removed, puzzles may be added, or adjusted.


A fantasy story full of magic and wonder.

Wizards' Initiation

Wizards' Initiation is a great room to challenge all! No previous knowledge needed, just the desire to have fun and perform magic. Third-year students have stolen your school supplies. Will you get them back before your train reaches its destination?
Overall Difficulty: Moderate
Difficulty levels: Youth, Beginner, Regular, or Advance
Allowed: 2-9 brains

Recommended4-8 brains


Lucy's Room

Our flagship room.

You have returned to your grandmother's childhood home to try and discover
if her stories of a magical land is really true!
Overall Difficulty:
 Difficulty levels: Youth, beginner or regular
Allowed: 2-8 brains
Recommended: 2-6 brains


Ranger's Station


Great for code-breaking enthusiasts.

You need to find the clues left behind by your Aunt Ellen, to get the evidence,
she has gathered on an international jewel thief, to the proper authorities before they catch you.

Overall Difficulty: Hard
Difficulty levels: youth, beginner, regular or advanced
Allowed: 2-9 brains
Recommended4-8 brains




You have been inhaling a deadly nerve agent since you entered the room. You only have one hour to live. You need to find the antidote and escape the room within that hour. The alternative is certain death.
Overall Difficulty
: Very Hard
Difficulty levels: Beginner, regular or advance difficulties
Allowed: 2-9 brains
Recommended: 4-8 brains

Dr. Sandra Watson has developed an innovative technology that allows doctors to enter

a patient's mind and reawaken them by stimulating one memory at a time.

Come help wake the patient.

Overall Difficulty: Hard

Difficulty levels: Youth, Beginner, regular, or Advanced

Allowed: 2-6 brains

Recommended: 4-6 brains