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Escape Rooms

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Lucy's Room
Wizards' Initiation

Lucy's Room

Our flagship room

You have returned to your grandmother's childhood home to try and discover
if her stories of a magical land are really true!

Difficulty levels: BeginnerIntermediate, Experienced
Allowed: 2-8 brains
Recommended: 2-6 brains

Our flagship room.

Wizard's Initiation

A fantasy story full of magic and wonder.

Wizards' Initiation is a great room to challenge all! No previous knowledge needed, just the desire to have fun and perform magic. Third-year students have stolen your school supplies.
Will you get them back before your train reaches its destination?

Difficulty levels:  BeginnerIntermediate, Experienced, Expert 
Allowed: 2-9 brains
Recommended4-8 brains




Fun, unique puzzles that will stop and make you think!

Dr. Sandra Watson has developed an innovative technology that allows doctors to enter

a coma patient's mind and reawaken them by stimulating one memory at a time.

Come help wake the patient.

Difficulty levels: BeginnerIntermediate, Experienced, Expert 

Allowed: 2-6 brains

Recommended: 4-6 brains

Crashed on Pandora

A beautiful immersive world on an alien planet. Fun for everyone.

You have crashed on the planet of Pandora. The atmosphere readings warn that the air is not breathable for humans. Find your way to the abandoned research station and send an SOS before the toxic air kills you.
Difficulty levels:  BeginnerIntermediate, Experienced, Expert 
Allowed: 2-8 brains
Recommended: 3-6 brains

Crashed on Pandora


A tribute to the 'Saw' franchise.

You have been inhaling a deadly nerve agent since you entered the room. You only have one hour to live. You need to find the antidote and escape the room within that hour. The alternative is certain death.
Difficulty levelsIntermediate, Experienced, Expert 
Allowed: 2-9 brains
Recommended: 4-8 brains

340 Woodlawn Rd. W.

Guelph, ON, Canada 

N1H 3N4

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